Dear our valued customers,
We would like to share details about new procedures we are putting in place to further ensure the safety of our employees and the maintenance of your mission-critical business during these uncertain times.
Comprehensive Disinfection of High-Touch Areas
We are increasing the frequency of our disinfection of commonly used areas/surfaces including check-in areas, bathrooms, door handles, light switches, workstations, team rooms and break rooms. We have also requested our team to work remotely to reduce the number of personnel on-site.
New Staffing Cadence
In alignment with social distancing efforts, and with a view to minimizing staff interaction and the associated risk of infection, we are introducing a new on-site staffing cadence that will alternate data center staffing and reduce the number of personnel on-site per any given shift. This will be supplemented with robust remote monitoring, and additional on-site resources as required to provide 24x7 coverage, as we operate in multiple datacenters around the world, each datacenter remote hands policy will be different in accordance to local laws being passed during this time of crisis. We will work with all best efforts to ensure any service-related requests are completed as quickly and safely as possible.
Handling of Non-Essential Requests
In order to help maintain critical customer operations, please be advised that any non-essential support requests may take longer to address than usual.
Commitment to Health, Safety and Business Continuity
Our goal is to keep all of our clients, staff safe and your critical business operations running smoothly. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience or delays this may generate. We will continue to closely monitor guidelines issued by regional governmental or public health agencies and will communicate any resulting changes to our protocols.
if you have any questions or concerns, please open a ticket with our Help Desk. This continues to be the best and most efficient way to reach us.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and we wish you and yours good health in these challenging times.

As always it is a pleasure to continue to support you, and we will continue to put our best efforts forward in these difficult times.

SolidSeoVPS - Team

Sunday, March 22, 2020

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