Baseline-X, eXtra Resources, eXtra Saving

The Baseline-X is our low-buget starter line with eXtra resources & eXtra saving, specially designed for our clients on tight budget to enjoy a decent performance, highest resources and the lowest cost available. The baseline-X has the same features and functionality of a dedicated server for less. Each VPS runs its own independent resources as well as its own operating system executing the same as a physical stand-alone server with 1Gbps UNMETERED (Guarantee 250Mbps+ Bandwidth) available in Paris-France & Seattle-WA.

Take a look at our custom plans starting from just $9.95.

BASELINE-X - eXtra Resources - eXtra Saving
Plan Cpu Ram Cores Storage Bandwidth Location Price  
X-2GB E3 2GB 4 30GB SSD ∞ @1GbpsGuaranteed 250mbps+ France $9.95 Order Now
X-4GB E3 4GB 4 60GB SSD ∞ @1GbpsGuaranteed 250mbps+ France $18.95 Order Now
X-8GB E3 8GB 6 90GB SSD ∞ @1GbpsGuaranteed 250mbps+ France $34.95 Order Now
X-16GB E3 16GB 8 120GB SSD ∞ @1GbpsGuaranteed 250mbps+ France $54.95 Order Now