The Difference Power Makes - Introducing the Dedicated Graphic Acceleration

The dedicated GPU VPS, is our all-in option, making it ideal for users who require heavy graphic processing power (think CAD, video editing, engineering software, and image recognition)starting at $49.95/m.

Meet our state of the art - The Dedicated Graphic Accelerated VPS

GPU VPS - Powered By Nvidia Grid

Ram Core Storage GPU Memory Bandwidth Location Price  
GPU-D-4G 4GB 4 80GB SSDNVMe Optional 1024MBDedicated Memory ∞ @10Gbps 2 Locations $39.95 Order Now
GPU-D-8G 8GB 8 120GB SSDNVMe Optional 2048MBDedicated Memory ∞ @10Gbps 2 Locations $69.95 Order Now
GPU-D-16G 16GB 12 160GB SSDNVMe Optional 4096MBDedicated Memory ∞ @10Gbps 2 Locations $109.95 Order Now