The Difference Power Makes - Introducing the Shared Graphic Acceleration

The shared GPU option offers enough power for light and moderate graphic usage, making it the ideal option for users who are running Android emulators (think Bluestacks and Nox), mobile application designers, and hangout and webinar streamers. Support for OPENGL, WebGL, and DirectX are all available Starting at $24.95/m.

Meet our state of the art - The Shared Graphic Accelerated VPS

GPU VPS - Powered By AMD

Ram Core Storage GPU Memory Bandwidth Location Price  
GPU-S-2G 2GB 2 40GB SSD 256MBShared Memory ∞ @10Gbps 2 Locations $19.95 Order Now
GPU-S-4G 4GB 4 60GB SSD 512MBShared Memory ∞ @10Gbps 2 Locations $34.95 Order Now
GPU-S-8G 8GB 6 80GB SSD 1024MBShared Memory ∞ @10Gbps 2 Locations $59.95 Order Now
GPU-S-16G 16GB 8 120GB SSD 2048 MBShared Memory ∞ @10Gbps 2 Locations $99.95 Order Now