01. How our Rent-To-Own Program works?

Q. How does our Rent-To-Own Program Work?

A. Our Rent-To-Own Program provides you the option to lease the server for 12 months and then own it, The rent-to-own period is 12 months with regular payments. During the rental period, we will warranty all hardware including hard disk(s). We will replace any hardware in the event of failure during the 12 months rent to own period at no cost to you.

After 12 regular monthly payments on rent to own servers, the server ownership can be transferred over to you the customer. This transfer is not automatic and the customer must contact us to have this process completed.

You can decide after 12 months on one of these 3 options:

1- Continue paying the rental fee. Hardware support and package remain the same.

2- Switch Server to 1U Colocation ($75 monthly for 1A@120v of power & 10TB BW@1Gbps) 2 or more IPs are charged separately

3- Remove the server from our datacenter




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