04- Remove server from our datacenter

Option 3- Remove Server From Our Datacenter:

After 12 months of regular payment of rent-to-own program completion, If you would like to have your server shipped to you you can open a ticket with our support team with subject "Server Removal" to have the invoice generated for the packing materials and handling.

The packing material & handling fees is one-time fee of $150 USD per server which cover the 1U/2U shipping box, all packing materials, labeling and the remote hands fees involved in server removal from the rack.

Once the invoice is paid we will send you the dimensions of the shipping box and the pickup address so that you can arrange shipping through your preferred carrier. 

Once you have created the shipping label, please send us the shipping label to attach to the server shipping box and advise which carrier and the pickup date.

We will have the server ready to be picked up on the loading dock. We have daily pickups at our facility from, UPS, Fedex and USPS.

Once a server is converted to colocation or removed from the facility all hardware is the sole responsibility of the customer and Solid Systems LLC no longer provides warranty or support for the hardware.

Check with sales team to see if your servers has rails. We can ship the rails with the server in some cases.

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